Best Travel Hair Dryer and other Hair Tools

Best Travel Hair Dryer and other Hair Tools

Hitting the air or roads this summer with limited packing space but still want your hair to look fabulous? No need to worry there are so many great travel size products available that won’t take up too much space!! From hair dryers, to curling irons, to products for the curly girls we have you covered! Here are my top picks for the best hair dryer and other hair tools to travel with!

Folding Blow Dryer-

This blow dryer is great because it folds in half! The handle folds in to make it more compact in your bag! It comes with a styling nozzle and a diffuser and it even has its own travel bag! This hair dryer has great reviews and is very portable!

All in One-

The Dyson Air Wrap is a little more expensive and a little larger, but it serves as all hair tools in one! You can blow dry your hair, curl it, smooth it, and even give yourself a blowout all with this one tool! They make compact travel cases that can help with transporting the Air Wrap!

Travel Set-

This travel set comes with a mini flat iron and mini curling iron as well as travel bag and heat resistant glove! This is perfect for those of you that want to curl and straighten your hair on vacay! These styling tools are smaller in size than regular tools so it makes them perfect for travel!

Curly Girls-

For all my curly haired girls out there I didn’t forget about you! I love Not Your Mother’s products and I just found this great travel kit! It comes with a mouse, gel, and a curl cream! All three products are travel size so they are perfect to throw in your carry-on!

Hair Care-

Don’t forget about the hair products! Most retailers that carry hair products have a good selection of travel size products too! You can find pretty much anything from shampoo, hairspray, dry shampoo, and even hair masks! These are perfect for traveling light and are TSA approved!!

I hope you all have a fabulous summer wherever it may take you! May your hair always look flawless during all your travel adventures! Happy summer travels!

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