Diving Into the Best Pool Toys of the Season

If you are a mom you know that keeping the kids entertained all summer long can be a big challenge! If you are lucky enough to have a pool you might think that the pool alone will keep them entertained! We all know that unfortunately is not true. Most kids want toys, floats, and games to keep them entertained! Here are some of my top picks to keep them entertained in the pool all summer long!

Inflatable Hockey-

How neat is this Hydra Hockey set! It comes with an inflatable table, two strikers, and a puck! The table floats making it perfect to play in the pool! Kids and adults both will love trying to score a goal with this game!

Snorkel Set-

What kid doesn’t want a snorkel set? This set comes with goggles and a snorkel! The goggles feature fog-resistant lenses and UV 400 protection to keep their eyes safe! The snorkel is a dry-top snorkel that prevents water from entering even if it is submerged in the pool! This set is perfect for the lake or beach too!

Waterproof Uno-

These waterproof Uno Cards are sure to be a hit this summer! They are made of a waterproof plastic material and come with a clip to keep them all together! These are also great to take to the beach, camping, or even in restaurants since they wipe clean!

Inflatable Pool Battle-

Kids of all ages will love battling each other with these inflatable log jousting sets! It comes with four seats and four joust sticks! Each player sits on their floating log and tries to knock off their opponents while staying on their log!

Swim Set-

Want a set that has everything your little one needs to enjoy the pool? This set comes with goggles, arm floaties, a kiddy ring float, and a beach ball! They will have multiple options for how they choose to enjoy the pool!

Inflatable Cornhole-

This set can be used in the pool or on the ground! It includes the board, six bags, and a repair kit! Kids will have so much fun trying to land the bags in the shark's mouth!

Basketball/Volleyball Set-

Shoot some hoops or play a game of volleyball with this set! This set comes with a basketball hoop and stand, volleyball net, two balls, and an air pump! If you have kids that love to be active this is the perfect set!

Diving Toys-

Look at this treasure chest diving set! It includes a variety of toys to dive for including gems, sharks, and a pirate ship! When you are done playing, store it all in the treasure chest! I love that this set can be used in the shallow end for younger swimmers and the deep end for more advanced swimmers! You could even use this set as a bath toy!

Pool Floats and More-

Take a look at Kohl’s for a wide selection of floats, games, pool toys, and other accessories if you still need more ideas! There are floats for kids and adults, slides for the pool, games, and so much more!

Deckbox to Store Everything-

Now that you have all of these cool toys you definitely want to have a spot to store them! This waterproof deck box is perfect! It will keep all the toys in one location and keep them protected from the elements!

With all of these toys, floats, and accessories your kids are sure to have a blast all summer long! Don't forget to buy the sunscreen and you are all set for a fantastic summer!

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