Free Pizza: How the Pizza Hut Book It Program Works

The Pizza Hut Book It program is a long-standing initiative launched in 1984 to promote reading among students from kindergarten through sixth grade. This reading incentive program is designed to motivate children to read and celebrate their reading accomplishments with free Pizza Hut pizza! I personally was enrolled in this program as a child and loved it!

Both Teachers and Parents can register their classrooms or child for the Book It program.

Opt in by August 16th to receive free printable resources, including reading materials, activities, and tracking tools, to help students set and achieve their reading goals. Enrollment for the digital program never closes!

As students progress toward their reading goals, they earn virtual "Pizza Hut" stickers for each book they read. Once their monthly goal is reached, they receive a reading award and a coupon for a personal pan pizza from Pizza Hut.

Be sure to let other parents and teachers know so they can take advantage of this program.

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