FREE Pop-It Toy Easter Printable!

Fidget and Pop-it Toys have become all the rage among kids these days! Not only do they keep kiddos entertained but they work to reduce any stress and anxiety as well as increase concentration. Fidget toys are also so easy to add to kids' Easter Baskets, which is why we have created this FREE Poppin Easter Printable just for you! Pop-it Keychains and fidget toys make the perfect Easter gifts that parents and teachers can buy in bulk for siblings, family gatherings, classrooms, and more. Hey Modern Mom finds amazing deals on pop-it toys that you can easily pair with this FREE Printable to celebrate the Spring holiday! Now you can grab the matching 24 Pc. Easter Pop Keychains to match this FREE Printable.

Click print then click the 3 dots on the bottom right & click open in browser to download!

Download the FREE Printable Here

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