Head Back to School In Style: Hey Modern Mom's Top 3 Places to Buy School Uniforms

It seems like summer just started, but before we know it the school year will be starting! As a parent, I know the struggle of trying to conquer all the back to school shopping! Including trying to find school uniforms that they kids like that are still affordable and durable! It can be a daunting task trying to figure out where to find uniforms that meet your budget needs and the needs of your kiddo(s)!

No need to worry, I have been buying uniforms for several years now and have taken the time to come up with my top 3 places to get uniforms! All three of these places are affordable, durable, and stylish! These uniforms are mom and kid approved!

The Children’s Place

The Children’s Place offers a variety of uniform styles from skorts, shorts, polos, pants, and more all at very reasonable prices! They offer polos in pretty much every color of the rainbow, so you are sure to find the color you need! They even offer multipacks of items at a discounted rate! My favorite thing that they sell are their performance polos! These are made of a moisture-wicking material so they will stay nice and cool even when running around on the playground! Another thing I love about The Children’s Place is that most of their items are tagless so no need to worry about an itchy tag!

Old Navy

Old Navy is a year round favorite store of mine, and their back to school items are no exception! They also offer a huge variety of items for school uniforms from polos, shorts, dresses, and even shoes! They have a good selection of color options that will fit the needs of most students! My favorite item they sell for back to school are the adorable polo dresses for little girls! I also love that their polos are made of a soft jersey material so they are comfortable enough for all day wear!


I absolutely love buying kids’ clothing from Target, they always have such a great selection! I especially love buying uniforms from their Cat & Jack brand because of the return policy! If your kiddos are anything like mine and are rough on clothes you need to get the Cat & Jack brand! You can return the items for up to a year and get an exchange or refund! Target also has a great selection of uniform options that are priced extremely well! I especially love the girls' performance skorts from Target! They are athletic style skorts but in uniform approved colors and they have built in shorts! I also really appreciate that they have a line of adaptive uniform pieces for those that need it!




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