Starbucks for Life Holiday Game 2022

Coffee lovers, you won't want to miss this! Now through January 1st, 2023 Starbucks is celebrating the Holiday season by bringing back their popular Starbucks for Life game. This game gives Starbucks rewards members a chance to win a wide range of prizes from bonus stars to free food & beverages to FREE Starbucks for life! If you are 18 years or older and looking to snag some Starbucks freebies then pay close attention on how you can enter and play the Starbucks for Life game this season.

How To Play:

  1. Become a Starbucks Rewards Member If you aren't already HERE.
  2. Sign up for the game in the Starbucks App or at
  3. Sign into your Starbucks Rewards Account to receive 1 free game play per day
  4. If you have a daily game play, then you can shake a Starbucks Globe to find out if you win an Instant Win prize, a Collect and Win Game piece, a Holiday Light, or an unfortunate "Lose" message.
  • Instant Win Prize: you can win free bakery items and beverages, bonus stars, gift cards, or exclusive Starbucks Reserve merchandise.
  • Collect and Win: you can shake the globe to collect badges or "game pieces" - earn three of the same piece to win various prizes including 1,000 stars, 500 bous stars, 150 bonus stars, Moccamaster coffee brewer, or a $50 Gift Card.
  • Holiday Lights: once you collect 6 individual holiday lights you can win discounted beverages, a Starbucks Reserve tote bag, or a Starbucks Christmas ornament.

Rewards members can also score up to 4 more game plays by completing tasks such as Game Play Challenges and Alternative Methods of Entry:

How to Earn Extra Game Plays:

  1. Add the amount of money indicated on the website to your Starbucks Card or with Auto-reload to get 1 additional game play.
  2. Order ahead and snag a treat by ordering 1 mobile order with the App and making a pay purchase transaction to get 1 additional game play..
  3. Make 1 purchase on a Saturday or Sunday as a Weekend Brewer to get 1 additional game play.
  4. Run It Out by achieving the listed score in the Basil Run Game to get 1 additional game play.
  5. Let it Snow by playing the game the indicated number of days in a row on the site to get 1 additional game play.

Once each challenge is completed, sign into your account and follow the links and instructions to claim your additional game play then you can follow the links and instructions to play the Starbucks for Life Game.

How to Get an Alternative Method of Entry:

In order to earn extra game plays without making a purchase or completing the game challenges you can vist the promotion site and fill out the Alternative Method of Entry Form. Then follow the links and instructions to select a challenge from the provided list that you would like to earn additional game plays - complete and submit the form to receive the designated additional game plays for the selected challenge. After you submit the form, an email containing a unique link will be sent to the email address you provided in the form. Click the unique link to sign into your account where you can then claim the additional play to play the Starbucks for Life game.

If you are a potential winner of a prize then you will have to follow the directions in order to prove validation.

Starbucks for Life Game Prizes:

During the promotional period you can win all sorts of prizes to get in the Holiday spirit! Here is the list of the 2022 game prizes that you could possibly win:

  • Starbucks for Life (30 years): 2 possible winners
  • Starbucks for 6 Months: 25 possible winners
  • Starbucks for 1 Month: 100 possible winners
  • Delta Air Lines Flight Certificates (2 domestic round-trip flights): 40 possible winners
  • 1,000 Bonus Stars: 8,000 possible winners
  • 500 Bonus Stars: 1,000 possible winners
  • 150 Bonus Stars: 35,000 possible winners
  • Moccamaster Coffee Brewer: 20 possible winners
  • $50 Starbucks Gift Card: 1,000 possible winners
  • Cold Brew Kit: 100 possible winners
  • $1 Off Handcrafted Beverage Coupon: 50,000 possible winners
  • Starbucks Reserve Tote Bag: 2,000 possible winners
  • Starbucks Ornament: 2,000 possible winners
  • Starbucks Reserve Coffee: 3,000 possible winners
  • Starbucks Siren Keychain: 2,000 possible winners
  • $10 Starbucks Gift Card: 7,000 possible winners
  • Free Beverage Coupon: 16,000 possible winners
  • $5 Starbucks Gift Card: 12,000 possible winners
  • Free Bakery Item: 150,000 possible winners
  • 50 Bonus Stars: 26,000 possible winners
  • $0.50 No Kids Hungry Donation & 25 Bonus Stars: 200,000 possible winners
  • 25 Bonus Stars: 800,000 possible winners
  • 10 Bonus Stars: 600,000 possible winners
  • 5 Bonus Stars: 2,100,000 possible winners

Good Luck & Happy Holidays!



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