The Best Gifts to Keep on Hand for Last Minute Gifting

If your kids are anything like mine they are constantly being invited to Birthday Parties, and if you are anything like me you constantly forget about said birthday parties until right before! Over the years I have learned to keep extra toys, games, and other items on hand so that I don’t have to rush to the store to find a present 5 minutes before a party! I don’t just do this for children’s gifts, I love to keep items that my friends and family would like to get as well! Today I am sharing with you my top tips and products for keeping a stock of kids' birthday presents! I also have a separate post about gifts I keep on hand for adult friends and family!

My biggest tip is to stock up, when you see a really great toy or game on sale grab a few and throw them in the closet! This helps save money and time in the end! When it is time to go to the party grab a gift out, throw it in a bag, and you’re all set! No need to rush to the store and buy a high dollar item at the last minute!


Nerf toys can be gifted to girls or boys most of their products are rated for ages 6 and up! Anytime I see them on sale I make sure to grab a few because they are so popular and all the kids seem to love them! Nerf has a wide range of products for little and bigger kids! They also have a great variety of types of toys including the typical nerf blasters, water blasters, gel fire blasters, and many others!

Remote Control Toys-

This is another really great option for pretty much any kid! There are a variety of different options from cars, boats, planes, and so many more! I have seen kids play with remote control toys for hours on end! They are entertaining, easy to play with, and a lot of them can be used indoors or outdoors!


Card games or board games are also always a huge hit with the kids and the parents! The parents will be happy it is not another toy and the kids will love learning and playing a new game! There are so many different card and board game options available and any of them work great as long as they are age appropriate! A few of my favorite games to give are Uno, Candy Land, and Sorry!

Discovery Toys-

These are probably one of my very favorite gifts for kiddos! I love that it is still a fun toy, but that it is hands on and educational! Discovery has so many different kits available and they go on sale frequently! I always keep a stock of at least a few of these kits! My own kids love them too, I will sometimes pull one out for a rainy day to help keep them entertained without a screen!

These are just a few of my favorite items to keep on hand! I typically just look for things that I think would be popular for my kids' age range and that are on sale! I hope you are able to get a little stock of gifts going and that it helps make your life easier!

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