Unraveling the Differences Between Gap vs. Gap Factory

With so many online retailers having alternative factory online stores its hard to understand what exactly the difference is between the two. When it comes to shopping at Gap and Gap Factory, it helps to understand the key differences between these two popular destinations for fashionable finds. Join us as we explore the distinctions between Gap and Gap Factory.

Gap Factory online store is not like the traditional retail outlet stores. It does not sell Gap Overstock, last seasons trends or products with flaws. You will be shopping the latest trends and styles just at a lower price point.

Quality and Fabrication:

While Gap and Gap Factory share the same brand name, there may be some variations in product quality and fabrication. Gap typically emphasize premium materials and craftsmanship. In contrast, Gap Factory's products may use slightly different materials or production techniques to accommodate the lower price points.

Pricing and Discounts:

One of the most significant differences lies in pricing and discounts. Gap Factory, as an outlet brand, generally offers products at lower prices compared to traditional Gap stores.

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