What is the difference between Kate Spade & Kate Spade Surprise?

Kate Spade and Kate Spade Surprise are both brands owned by the same parent company, Tapestry Inc. (formerly known as Coach Inc.). However, they offer different product lines and shopping experiences.

Kate Spade is a luxury fashion brand known for its designer handbags, clothing, shoes, jewelry, and accessories. Its products are typically sold at full price in Kate Spade retail stores, department stores, and luxury boutiques.

On the other hand, Kate Spade Surprise is an online-only outlet store that offers a selection of discounted Kate Spade products. The selection may include past-season items, overstocked products, or items with minor imperfections. The discounts are typically significant, ranging from 50% to 75% off the original retail price.

While Kate Spade Surprise offers discounted items, the selection is more limited than the main Kate Spade line. It also does not offer the full shopping experience of a Kate Spade retail store, such as personalized customer service or the ability to view the entire collection.

In summary, Kate Spade is a luxury fashion brand that offers full-priced products in various retail locations, while Kate Spade Surprise is an online outlet store that offers discounted Kate Spade products with a more limited selection.



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