Get New Years Resolutions Started With Yoga International!

Have you started working on your New Years resolutions? Whether it be healthy eating or working out, the new year offers new opportunities for self care and transformations. If you are looking to stay active, fit, and calm then look no further than Yoga International. Now get your first 7 days FREE when you sign up for the free trial! You can gain access to 3000+ on demand yoga practices ranging from 3-90 minutes, 700+ meditations to hone your mind, 100+ pranayama practices to help you stay centered, 2700+ articles to expand your knowledge, and 300+ courses and challenges to help your journey!

Not only do you recieve so many heathy benefits but you can build a personalized content library, create custom playlists, and set weekly goals to track your progress. Learn from some of the top yoga instructors to match your style preference. After the free trial, you'll only have to pay $19.99 a month to have access to so many amazing workouts and meditations to keep you zen and fit this year.


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