Pool Cooler Systems

If you are trying to beat the summer heat and stay cool you probably take a dip in your pool! But what do you do when the pool gets too hot?

Maybe buy a bunch of bags of ice to dump in the pool? Did you know that it would take approximately 8,750 pounds of ice to cool off a 20,000 gallon pool by 10 degrees? If you are buying 10 pound bags of ice at $1.00 each it would cost you $875 dollars and this would only be a temporary solution!

So how do you keep your pool nice and cool this summer? Here are several different ways to keep your pool cool (without 8,750 pounds of ice)!

Pool Cooler-

Pool coolers are essentially an air conditioning system for your pool! A pool cooler works by circulating the pool water through the machine and a series of fans cool the water off before sending it back into the pool! This is the best and most permanent solution to keeping your pool cool!


Pool aerators are a cheaper method that will work to lower your pool by a few degrees! Aerators work by attaching to the wall of the pool and pulling air into the water! They have multiple benefits including increased oxygen, improved circulation, and chemical distribution. For the best results you will want to run your aerator at night during cooler temperatures!


Pool misters are another easy and inexpensive option that will help lower the temperature of your pool! Misters work by pulling water from the pool and pushing it out as fine water droplets at a very high PSI! They can lower the temperature of the water by 6-10 degrees!

Jumping into a hot pool on a hot day is no fun, make sure you keep your pool nice and cool this summer! No matter your budget for cooling your pool there are options available that will help you beat the summer heat! Whether you choose to go with a pool cooler system, an aerator, a mister, or even a combination of these you will be better off than a hot pool! Happy swimming!

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