Share the Love with Heart Shaped Foods this Valentine's Day!

Valentine's Day is a popular holiday for restaurants and food brands to offer heart-shaped foods as a way to celebrate the special occasion. Here are some popular food items that are often offered in a heart-shaped form for Valentine's Day fun!

Pizza: Many pizza restaurants offer heart-shaped pizzas for Valentine's Day.

Pasta: Some Italian restaurants offer heart-shaped pasta dishes, such as ravioli or tortellini, for Valentine's Day.

Cakes and pastries: Many bakeries offer heart-shaped cakes, cupcakes, and other pastries for Valentine's Day.

Chocolates: Heart-shaped boxes of chocolates are a popular gift for Valentine's Day and can be found at many candy and chocolate shops.

Sushi: Some sushi restaurants offer heart-shaped sushi rolls for Valentine's Day.

These are just a few examples of the many heart-shaped food items that can be found during Valentine's Day. If you're interested in trying heart-shaped food for Valentine's Day, I would recommend checking with your local restaurants and food brands to see what they have to offer. You might even be able to score some deals on food items to share the love this Valentine's Day!

Here a just a few restaraunts that offer the special promotion of heart-shaped meals:

California Pizza Kitchen: If you love the popular trend of heart-shaped pizza on Valentine's Day then check this out! California Pizza Kitchen is offering heart-shaped pizza options available for dine-in, takout, or delivery!

Chic-fil-a: This popular chain is going all out for Valentine's Day this year when customers can choose from a special menu of best-sellers like chicken nuggets, chick-n-minis, chocolate chunk cookies and chocolate fudge brownies plus you can even receive the food on a heart-shaped tray.

Krispy Kreme: Every year Krispy Kreme shares the love with their fesitve Choc-Full-Of Love boxes filled with heart shaped doughnuts in seasonal flavors. This year treat yourself and others by ordering flavors including Hershey's Chocolate Chip Caramel Kreme™, Hershey's Double Chocolate Kiss, Hershey's Strawberry Dream, and Hershey's I Pick You.

Dairy Queen: Lovers of ice cream listen up! Dairy Queen is offering two new flavors this Valentine's Day for those with a sweet tooth. The triple truffle Blizzard treat, made of peanut butter, fudge and caramel satisfies any sweet cravings. Even better, the triple Blizzard cupid cake is a cute heart-shaped ice cream cake that makes the perfect gift for those you love.

Dunkin' Donuts: This Valentine's Day, Dunkin' is offering The Cupid's Choice Donut and the Brownie Batter Donut to fullfil any sweet cravings you might have and of course they come in the shape of a heart!

Papa John's: What says I Love You more than heart-shaped pizza!? Like every year, Papa John's is bringing back their heart-shaped pizzas for those who love a savory snack during the Holiday.

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