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The Difference Between Nintendo Switch U.S. and International Versions

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Did you know that a Nintendo Switch can be based on region? If you have ever come across different Nintedo Switch versions and wondered what the difference is then you'll want to check this out. The main difference between the international and U.S. Nintendo Switch is in their power requirements. The U.S. version uses a power supply that is compatible with the 120-volt electrical standard used in North America, while the international version uses a power supply that is compatible with the 220-volt electrical standard used in many other parts of the world.

Additionally, the U.S. version may have different default settings for language and region. For example, the U.S. version may have English set as the default language and be set to the North American region, while the international version may have multiple language options and be set to a different region.

It's worth noting that both versions of the Nintendo Switch are compatible with games from all regions, so you can play games from anywhere in the world on either system. However, the power supply issue means that you will need to use a voltage converter or purchase a new power supply if you want to use a U.S. Nintendo Switch in a country that uses a 220-volt electrical standard, or vice versa.

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